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10800 West Pico Boulevard
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PM Services

PM (Preventive Maintenance) services involve systematic inspections, adjustments, and upkeep to prevent equipment failures and ensure optimal functionality. 

In the context of various systems, a PM service description may include:

Electrical maintenance

Electrical maintenance involves the regular inspection, testing, and upkeep of electrical systems, equipment, and wiring to ensure safety, reliability, and efficient operation.

This includes preventive measures, troubleshooting, and addressing potential issues to maintain the integrity of electrical installations.

1. Inspections:  

– Regular visual inspections to identify potential issues.

– Examination of critical components to detect wear or damage.

2. Cleaning:

– Removal of dust, debris, or any contaminants that could affect performance.

– Cleaning of filters, vents, and other components as needed.

3. Lubrication:

– Application of lubricants to moving parts to reduce friction and enhance efficiency.

– Ensuring proper functioning of mechanical components.

4. Testing:

– Performance testing to verify that equipment meets specified standards.

– Functional tests to confirm proper operation under various conditions.

5. Calibration:

– Calibration of sensors, instruments, or controls to maintain accuracy.

– Adjustment of settings to align with manufacturer specifications.

6. Software Updates:

– Installation of software updates or firmware upgrades as recommended by the manufacturer.

– Verification that the latest versions are compatible with the system.

7. Replacement of Wear Parts:

– Identification and replacement of parts that have reached the end of their service life.

– Replacement of consumables, such as filters or belts.

8. Documentation:

– Maintenance of detailed records documenting inspections, adjustments, and replacements.

– Recording any anomalies or issues discovered during the preventive maintenance.