Power Industries Latest News in Gujarat

The power industry in Gujarat has been witnessing significant developments and challenges recently. Here are some of the latest news:

Power Crisis and Mandatory Weekly Shutdown

In an attempt to meet a shortage of over 500 MW (Megawatt) of electricity supply, the Gujarat government has imposed a power cut on industries, asking them to mandatorily implement a weekly staggered holiday. This move comes into immediate effect for all high-tension and low-tension users. However, the order is restricted to only industries with noncontinuous processes.

Power Duty Waiver for Industries

The industrial units in Gujarat were exempted from electricity duty worth Rs 2,700 crore in the past three years. The biggest beneficiaries are the industrial units in Morbi — a hub for ceramic manufacturing — that accounted for one-third of the total exemptions given between 2020 and 2023.

Power Tripping Problems at Sanand GIDC Industrial Estate

Units at the Sanand GIDC industrial estate have been facing power tripping problems continually for four days. According to sources, the 66KV electricity cable of the Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation Ltd (Getco) has reached its peak capacity. Many units suffered power cuts after which Sanand Industries Association wrote a letter to Getco.

Tata Power’s Financial Moves

Tata Power’s arm CGPL has raised Rs 1.1K crore via debt securities. To bring down its around Rs 49,000 crore gross debt, Tata Power is planning to sell its non-core assets even as it continues to explore viable options to resolve issues pertaining to the financially crippled 4,000-mw Coastal Gujarat Power at Mundra.
In conclusion, these developments highlight the dynamic nature of the power industry in Gujarat. As we continue to monitor the latest news and developments in this sector, one thing is clear – the power industry in Gujarat is evolving rapidly to meet the demands of its consumers and stakeholders.

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What do you think?

What do you think?

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September 6, 2023

The cantilevered and stepped massing plays into the building’s sustainability benefits, as it forms balconies and green roofs that allow occupants fresh air and stunning views of the city.

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